As You Sow, So Shall You Reap



Virtuous Organic aims to bridge the gap between organic food supply and demand by nurturing the stakeholders of the value chain.



Founded as an organic food brand company, virtuous organic works on the concept of “Farmers’ Wellbeing”, looking at enhancing support in farm inputs, apprising farmers on government policies, ensuring organic certification, and facilitating collaboration with industry partners.

At the same time, Virtuous Organic aims to transform the Business-as-usual situation and intends to nudge consumers to buy organic food products. Our efforts aim to incentivize the entire value chain and ratchet up India’s organic food consumption.


Virtuous Organic Background

Virtuous Organic has been founded by Major Chhavi Sharma (Retd) who has 12 years of experience in supply-chain management in the Indian Army Supply Corps. After having personally faced the repercussions of chemical-laden food on herself Major Chhavi Sharma (Retd), who was diagnosed with auto-immune disorder grew empathetic towards the importance of organic food consumption. Major Chhavi Sharma is leading the operations at Virtuous Organic.


At Virtuous Organic, we perceive a healthy India with a future where organic food is widely and affordably accessible to people from all walks of life. This vision, we believe, will be made possible by going back to our roots, making farmers an integral part of the transformation process and encouraging them to adopt practices that are sustainable and yield a healthier produce.


At Virtuous Organic, our mission is to nurture a healthy and fit India where the coming generations grow on organic food that is nutrient dense and doesn’t cause nutritional deficiencies. The youth would thus practice a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. We also wish to indirectly nurture a cleaner ecology by controlling soil pollution and optimizing on natural methods that cleanse our agricultural land.


At Virtuous Organic we believe in working with absolute honesty and integrity. Provide good quality nutritious food to all. Creating a chemical free, self-sustainable cohesive ecology.

The pain points virtuous organic is trying to solve are

  • Food contamination and adulteration.
  • Lack of awareness and trust around organic food products.
  • Declining Farmers income.
  • Lack of handholding during organic certification and conversion period.