Himalyan Pink Salt

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Himalayan salt has become well known for its amazing health benefits. it helps to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar level.

The chemical composition includes 95–96 percent sodium chloride, with 2-3 percent polyhalite and small amounts of ten other minerals.

Pink colour of rock salt is due to the presence of iron oxide in it.

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Our finest quality rock salt powder is organically procured and processed under hygienic conditions.

Our pure rock salt powder is free from chemical elements and other pollutants. It includes more than 90% of the nutritional elements like iron and calcium required for the human body.

This rock salt milled into powder can be used to subtly season your various dishes without adding too much salinity.

It can detox your body and lower your blood pressure. The presence of iron makes it a great option for everyday consumption. It helps the proper functioning of the metabolism and regulates water content inside the cells.