Red Chilli Powder

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Chili powder is made of chili peppers and is commonly used in Spicy Indian cuisines.It can be used to make gravies, pickles, and other dishes.

Chilli powder Improvesyour skin regime, acts as perfect cure for a stressful week,lowers your body temperature with natural source of iron

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Premium quality and 100% pure Chili powder made from the finest chilies. It’s free from chemicals and doesn’t contain adulterants for color or flavor. It can be used to add spiciness to various foods like curries, stir-fries, gravies and many more.

The Chili powder is rich in vitamin A which improves eyesight. It also contains iron and copper in abundance which promotes the development of red blood cells and prevent anemia. It also improves hemoglobin production, blood flow, and cognitive performance.

Chili powder is also rich in dietary fiber. So, adding Chili powder in your dishes helps you to improve your digestion system and prevent various bowel issues. The capsaicin component found in Chili powder improves your metabolism system. It helps you to burn fat and calorie faster and reduces weight quickly.