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Suji is nutritious and can be easily digested. Virtuous ORganic Suji, is rich flavour and aroma and provides essential amino acids for complete Protein.

it is an essential in every household can be directly used in cereals, puddings & sweet dishes like halwa and salty dishes such as Dosa, Idly, Upma, Uttapam & Vada.

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Premium quality Suji is made by grounding organic durum wheat. Rich with nutrition and minerals, our Suji can be used to prepare delicious and healthy porridge, and upma, etc.

Suji made from durum wheat can make you feel full faster so it prevents you from overeating. It also digests slowly so you feel satiated for a long time after having food which is helpful to lose weight by reducing eating frequency.

Suji is packed with nutrition that can help you to stay active throughout the day.

It’s a great option for school going kids to keep them energetic and active. It is also helpful to improve the nervous system and makes bones stronger. It’s also a rich source of iron which improves blood circulation and prevents anemia.